Lithuania in the Schengen Area: New Challenges to National Security and State Border Guard Control
Antanas Janušauskas PhD, Danguolė Seniutienė, Valentinas Tumas

The national security interests of Republic of Lithuania are linked to the sovereignty, territorial integrity, democratic constitutional order and the preservation of civil society, respect for human rights and freedoms and the protection of their implementation. Lithuania like other countries is threatened by military, political, economic, social and environmental threats.This article aims to reveal the major threats emerging regional security and sought a proposal from the law enforcement authorities’ activities of overall coordination, discussed priority areas of cooperation. A state as an organization is required through the creation of relevant institutions and operational procedures, to ensure order and security throughout its territory, to protect its citizens from threats. The author presents the solutions to border management, which significantly affect the security of the state, and therefore a sense of security for citizens.

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