Democracy: an Incomplete Invention. Reflections on Giovanni Sartori´s what is Democracy?
Mónica Lucía Granda Viveros, Jorge Iván Gaviria Mesa

Democracy has undergone several conceptual reductions as a result of liberal theories, for they have disdained any other form of popular expression and have risen as the only and irreplaceable market model: an individual enterprise and negative freedom, as an essential aspect of a political organization. Thus, society is strictly based on individualities whose virtue is the individual, with self-management capacity that must be preserved by the State, in a liberal perspective the State is a rational creation of humanity, not superior or an executioner. Geovanny Sartori makes an example of such reduction of the potential political organization, under the idea that the exclusive and exclusionary political value is part of the liberal model; not even in ancient Greece, nor in current times with those that propose a different concept of living in society, is it possible to have democracy without the prevalence of individual interests. However, politics, even with a theoretical basis, is a practical and factual activity, in the liberal model, throughout history, there is a denial of their own statement: human dignity from an individual.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jppg.v3n2a1