Theories and Strategies of Translation of Political-Nuclear Texts in the Jordanian Senate
Tasneem Abdullatif Arabiyat

The paper aims to shed light on a distinct text type "political-nuclear text" in the process of translating through examining examples from the IPU's "interparliamentary Union" papers which have been introduced to the Jordanian Senate. The paper distinguishes between three different theories and their relation to the political text in general. According to this, the paper finds that text-type theory is considered the most appropriate theory to translate the political text. On the other hand, the paper discusses the strategies at both the text level, and terminology level. The paper chooses many strategies throughout the translation; such as foreignization, because the ST is concerned with a global issue. It also approves that the overt translation, on one hand, is entailed by keeping the characteristics and features of the ST; Covert translation, on the other hand, produces the readability of the TT. It also discusses the intrinsic managing which leads to a functional equivalent in the TT, contrary to extrinsic managing that is the translator's ideological superimposition on the ST. At the terminological level, the researcher finds that the informative text-type theory is a suitable choice in the translating process, also adopts several strategies to translate the political and nuclear terms.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jppg.v4n1a2