A Brief Analysis of the Impact of State Action (Legislative and Non Legislative) and the Challenges Facing Albania for the Establishment of a Coherent System to Protect Freedom of Expression on the Internet
Monika MEÇA

This article seeks to analyze the Albanian legal framework on freedom of expression on the Internet, the legislative and institutional steps taken from Albanian government for creating an enabling environment for the exercise of human rights and fundamental freedoms online. The internet is a global resource which integrity, universality and openness should be protected and managed in the public interest.Internet holds enormous potential for development and is of critical value for democracy. It provides an unprecedented volume of resources for information and knowledge, the opportunities for the inclusion and participation of all people without discrimination and also helps for bridging the gaps in dialogue between states and citizens. The increasing popularity of the Internet social networking applications, raises new challenges of applying fundamental human rights like privacy protection and freedom of expression as interdependent in the discrepancy of the legal frameworks between online territory and the real one, given Internet’s transnational diffusion.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jppg.v4n2a3