The Kurdish Referendum in Iraq: An Assessment
Dr. Shak Hanish

The Kurdish issue in Iraq is one of the most complex issues in a multi-national state of Iraq. The Iraqi state that was built on the concept of Arab nationalism has reinforced the concepts of chauvinism toward non-Arab ethnic groups. This policy led to historical struggle of the Kurdish people to gain their rights, which eventually lead to a referendum for independence in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.In my paper, I am discussing the current situation in northern Iraq, going back to the creation of modern state of Iraq and its policies toward the Kurds. I am specifically writing about the post-2003 regime in Iraq and its 2005 constitution. I am assessing the current relationship between the federal government in Baghdad and the regional government in Iraqi Kurdistan. Then, I am discussing the reasons behind the referendum, the world’s reaction, and evaluating if it is legitimate and practical to have such move for recession.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jppg.v6n2a3