Liberalism and Democracy: Human Rights and Equality at the Foundation of Human Development
Jaime Espejel Mena

Western liberal democracy is currently responding to the dramatic change in the economic system, the growing discussion between right and left ideologies and the coronavirus pandemic, this raises the follow-ing questions: is this a change in Western democracy or is it the end of democracy and what is the role of human rights in this process? The objective of this document states that by guaranteeing human rights, conditions are created for the flourishing of citizenship, which is essential to promote the development of a nation with a democratic rule of law. The proposals are formulated through the review of the great moments that have been the basis of the constitution and consolidation of human rights. Finally, it is concluded that a liberal political order coincides with human rights by seeking their protection and material guarantee for the benefit of the indi-vidual and for the benefit of the citizenry. Social, political and civil rights are something that people have in order to develop capacities and make their lives valuable as individuals, in a democratic context.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jppg.v8n2a3